Your first visit to Chiropractic Associates

Please come 15 minutes before your first visit appointment to complete our Patient Health Questionnaire form. Parking is provided on site.

Your chiropractor will meet with you in one of our private, comfortable and completely equipped consultation / treatment rooms and complete a carefully detailed history of your symptoms and general health.

Changing rooms and gowns are provided if needed for you to have an appropriate physical examination including orthopaedic and neurological tests (such as range of motion, reflexes, sensation, strength/weakness).

Your chiropractor will explain the results of the consultation and examination findings using models and illustrations to help you understand your condition.

This initial consultation, up to 30 minutes, is free of charge.

Your chiropractor will then discuss the benefits and risks associated with evidence based treatment. In most cases patients wish to proceed with treatment on this first visit and sign a consent form for this purpose. Treatment requires a further 15 minutes and a fee of 45 is charged.

We offer high quality spinal health care consistent with current evidence and guidelines for best practice including education, strategies for recovery, manipulation and mobilization, massage, acupuncture and exercise.

We promote independence and self-management through advice on posture, ergonomics (how you move and do things), exercise and lifestyle.

Please ask any questions you may have at Chiropractic Associates, your care is our foremost concern.