Keep Moving

We are pleased to introduce our personally supervised ‘Keep Moving’ exercise programme with James Hunter, our fully qualified therapist.

Have you been thinking about starting to exercise?

Do you know how to exercise sensibly?

Have you started an exercise programme and hurt yourself?

Do you need help with the motivation to exercise?

James Hunter

At Chiropractic Associates

we recognise the importance of

exercise and physical fitness,

and the benefits for good health

and injury prevention.

These are just some of the benefits of regular exercise:

  • reduces risk of heart disease

  • reduces risk of high blood pressure

  • decreases resting heart rate (so your heart doesn't have to work as hard)

  • helps make your bones and muscles stronger

  • improves strength and stamina

  • increases co-ordination and balance(especially important for older adults)

  • improves flexibility

  • improves respiration

  • improves circulationhelps with weight control

  • helps improve your posture

  • improves sense of well-being and reduces stress

An exercise programme will be designed specifically for your health status, goals, abilities and interests.

James will teach you a simple and effective routine for you to follow. You will be guided through the programme with step by step instructions, and will be provided with additional information required to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle as far as possible

During the sessions, James will watch and guide your technique and progress, and provide objective feedback about your strengths and limits. This personal approach will allow you to receive the best possible care and advice.

Our health and exercise are often the last items on the daily agenda in trying to balance work, home, relationships, leisure and all of the other demands of our daily life.

However, if you make physical fitness and healthy lifestyle a priority, you will find more energy and enthusiasm for the other areas of your life.

You will also be given additional guidance on, appropriate home exercises, exercise techniques, hydration, diet and exercise equipment for use in the home (eg. core balls, resistance bands, light weights).

Our exercise programme “Keep Moving” runs for 4 sessions and costs 14 per session. The first session is 30 minutes, and the next 3 are of 15 minutes each. The sessions will take place in our exercise suite and can be arranged at a time convenient for you.

Why not call James to

find out more:

01772 696611