Exercise and Rehabilitation

We believe in the importamce of exercise

We often recommend that your Chiroprcatic treatment is followed by personal instruction in the appropriate development of flexibility, strength, co-ordination and endurance.

We recommend appropriate exercises for back pain sufferers.

Our Chiropractors will frequently recommend a series of daily exercises alongside your chiropractic treatments.

Our exercise sheets illustrate the recommended exercises.

Chiropractic Associates’ exercise rehabilitation programme promotes self-management to help you carry on with normal activities as far as possible.
Appropriate exercises can be designed just for you to continue your care either at home or work.

We offer supervised exercise sessions where a trained rehabilitation therapist will teach and help you through a series of recommended individual exercises in our rehabilitation suite.

Therapeutic massage works to release tension in muscles allowing greater movement and flexibility.

We offer sports therapy for treatment of minor sports injuries. We will design exercise programmes for muscle strengthening and recommend that you stay active through exercise.